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Tortoise shell

Tortoise shell has long been used as a decorative material. The most appreciated by all craftsmen comes from the Eretmochelys Imbricata tortoise. It is called Caret shell. Its color ranges from black to dark brown, with more or less numerous yellow to light brown stains. It can be found in various sizes of plates, the thickness of which can vary between 8/10 mm to 4 or 5 mm. During the XIXth century, another type of shell was used, called "Franche" and coming from the Chelonya Mydas tortoise. These plates are much thinner. The same type was used by Jules Leleu during the Art deco period. Since the Washington Convention, the trade of such shell is strictly prohibited.

Varoious types of shell, with visible salt deposit.

The trade of Caret shell is also strictly regulated. We sell only "pre-convention" stock which has been duly declared


We can also provide flattened horn (3 to 5 mm thick plates). These plates, once sawed or planed, have a perfectly translucid aspect and can be used for the restoration of XVIIIth century clocks. It can be colored with pigments. The latter are glued with paper, according to the traditional old technique.